Madeline Hall

Madeline Hall, known in the digital art community as Maddie, is a highly skilled 2D and 3D model artist with a robust portfolio that spans several years in the burgeoning field of VTuber and avatar design. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for bringing virtual identities to life, Maddie has established herself as a go-to expert for creators seeking to forge a unique digital presence.

Graduating with a degree in Digital Arts, Maddie’s foundation in the fundamentals of art and design has been the bedrock of her career. Her journey began in the realm of traditional 2D art, where she honed her skills in character design and animation. This solid background allowed her to seamlessly transition into the 3D modeling space, where she now specializes in creating intricate and expressive avatars that resonate with audiences and creators alike.

Throughout her career, Maddie has collaborated with numerous content creators, gaming companies, and virtual event organizers, providing custom avatar designs that enhance digital interactions and storytelling. Her creations are not just visually stunning but are also optimized for performance, ensuring a seamless experience for both the creators and their audiences.

Currently, Madeline assumes the role of Design Team Manager at VTuberArt, where she oversees and directs the creative processes and projects.

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“Perfect Design”

It was a pleasure to work with … they created my VTuber model from start to finish and added my adjustments to make it perfect. I can’t wait to start streaming!

– JOJO Bang, Twitch Streamer

“Exceeded my expectations!”

It’s difficult to get people to commission furry avatars. I’m so glad that I found … who give me the freedom to create my avatar exactly how I want it without charging me an arm and a leg.

– Remi Rex, YouTuber

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