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Are you sick of overpriced commissions? Are you tired of your vision getting lost in translation? Then look no further. Our team of professional VTuber artists can breathe life into the avatar of your dreams.


Get a reference sheet of your avatar from the bust up. Consisting of the head, neck and chest

Half Body

Get a reference sheet of your avatar from the waist up including animation of one of their arms

Full Body

Get a full body reference sheet of your avatar from head-to-toe

Our Recent Work


Bust-up Commission

Suki Tama

Half-body Commission


Full Body


Bust-up commission

“Perfect Design”

It was a pleasure to work with … they created my avatar from start to finish and added my adjustments to make it perfect. I can’t wait to start streaming!

– JOJO Bang, Twitch Streamer

“Exceeded my expectations!”

It’s difficult to get people to commission furry avatars. I’m so glad that I found … who give me the freedom to create my avatar exactly how I want it without charging me an arm and a leg.

– Remi Rex, YouTuber

How It Works

Your VTuber In Just 4 Simple Steps!

Select a package and enter the details of your commission.

Receive a sketch via email from one of our best-suited artists.


Finally, we send you your finished product!

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Why get a vtuber reference sheet?

saves time and money

Having a detailed reference sheet minimizes the need for repeated explanations and revisions when working with different creators, saving you both time and resources in the long run.

Consistency in Design

A VTuber reference sheet ensures that your character maintains a consistent look across various platforms and media. Whether you’re streaming, appearing in videos, or being featured in artwork, this sheet guarantees that your character’s design remains uniform and recognizable.

Efficient Communication with Artists

Collaborating with different artists and animators becomes effortless when you have a detailed reference sheet. It clearly conveys your character’s appearance, reducing misunderstandings and speeding up the creation process.


Showcasing a professional reference sheet signals to your audience and collaborators that you’re serious about your VTuber persona. 

Rigging & Animation

Rigging & Animation

Rigging & animation too complicated? We got you covered. Our expert team of artists will handle toggle animations and rigging so your VTuber Model is ready to go live!

Who We Are?

We are a team of independent artists, all of which specialise in 2D and 3D animation. We have had hundreds of commissions on several different freelancing platforms as well as several years of experience under our belt. So, we have decided to bring our expertise on to one site.


Do you offer animation and rigging for VTubers?

Yes, we do offer bespoke animations and rigging for all of the commissions that we design. We do not animate and rig external pieces of artwork.

Will my commissions be anonymous?

Yes, personal data is not collected or shared by our site.

How long does it take to receive a finished piece?

This can vary depending on the package that you have selected and detail of your avatar. You can always expect the first sketch of your piece to arrive within 5 – 10 working days. We will keep you regularly updated on the progress of your piece.

What if I’m not happy with my piece?

Before you receive your final product you will be given a watermarked version for approval. We do our best to get it right before this stage to ensure customer satisfaction. Deposits are non-refundable, any incomplete or unsatisfactory orders can be partially refunded.

Do you allow NSFW commissions?

Yes, our artists are happy to fulfil any NSFW orders, completely anonymous with no questions asked.

Do I own the rights to my avatar after I receive it?

After the handover process is complete your VTuber commission is 100% yours to do as you please!

What equipment do I need to use my avatar?

For 2D avatars, an alright PC, a webcam and a basic motion capture software are all you need. 3D avatars require better PC’s and full body capture software but you shouldn’t have to spend a penny.

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