8 Best VRChat Worlds To Find Avatars

Since the emergence of VTubers, streaming live content on VRChat has become more and more popular. One of the main reasons is that VRChat allows the user to import and play with a custom avatar. So, it’s only logical that VTubers would jump at the opportunity to play a game as their personal VTuber avatars.

What Is VRChat?

VRChat is essentially a virtual reality social hub where players meet, mingle and play games together. There is no single objective of the game but to exist and find enjoyment with others in a virtual world. Of course, people do spend time creating their own custom worlds with various different minigames and puzzles to compete with friends. But, one of the main appeals of the game is the ability to look however you want with your own custom avatar, which is arguably where most of the time and effort on the game is spent.

In Game Footage of Custom VRChat Avatars

Where Can I Get VRChat Avatars?

When playing VRChat no one wants to meet up with their friends and parade around with a default avatar; especially when they give you the opportunity to be anything you like. Hence so many people want to know how to get ahold of a VRChat avatar. Luckily there are many options to choose from with price points ranging from $700 to completely free. 


One of the main places that people like to get their VRChat avatars is the Unity Asset Store. Unity is the engine used to make VRChat, which also happens to sell premade 2D and 3D characters that you can play as. The great thing about purchasing an avatar from here is that you don’t need to worry about your avatar’s compatibility with the game and the avatars they sell are essentially ready to go. If you’re big into customisation then you can make modifications that make them unique to you. Otherwise, simply download them and play. 


Sketchfab is another place where players like to find avatars. Sketchfab is essentially a marketplace for 3D models and avatars where users can purchase or download an avatar for free depending on what the artist has listed. You can get really acquainted with the avatar’s design using the model viewer to inspect it from all different angles before making your mind up. Some avid VRChat users like to purchase models from here to use as a base for their own custom design but this will obviously take a lot of skill and 3D modelling know-how. 


Sketchfab is a great option for those who want to play as characters from their favourite video games, TV shows and anime as you can check these out using the search filter. A lot of talented players like to make VRChat avatars themselves. This does take some experience with 3D modelling and animation but if you’re patient, enough anyone can learn! 


The real VRChat pros and VTubers usually tend to opt for VRChat avatar commissions where professional artists will design the avatar of their choice from head to toe. This is a more expensive alternative than the other options but you can’t put a price on your identity! The benefit of having your avatar commissioned is for one, you don’t need to spend months learning and perfecting the various programmes that go into making an avatar. Two, your design will be entirely unique, meaning you are the only one who owns this avatar in the entire game. And three, you have full creative control of the avatar compared to alternative avatar maker sites.


A lot of VRChat players who like to design their own avatars use 3D modelling software such as Blender. Many VTubers that have experience using these kinds of VTuber maker software find it easier to take matters into their own hands and design everything themselves. But, if you aren’t this tech-savvy then keep on reading.


Finally, the focus of today’s article… VRChat Avatar Worlds! Within VRChat players can enter different worlds created by other players and it just so happens that players can make worlds dedicated to avatars. In these worlds, players can instantly select and become any of the avatars that the creator has put on display. Avatar worlds are usually a go-to when it comes to getting a VRChat avatar just due to how easy they are to access.


Another cool feature of using these avatar worlds is that you get to view it in-game in real-time which is essential to see if there are any bugs or whether you like it or not. Most of these avatars are made by other players or artists who design them with multiple toggle animations and hand gestures so that you can really express yourself.


There are hundreds of avatar worlds dedicated to so many different aspects of pop culture and avatar designs like anime, memes, video games, furries and much more!

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Unity Asset Store 3D Models Compatible For VRChat

How Do VRChat Avatar Worlds Work?

VRChat avatar worlds can be accessed by entering a world ID or searching for it on your console in-game. These worlds have been created by experienced players to grant others the ability to change their avatars. Making a VRChat world is a conversation for another day but the important thing to note is designers work very hard on these creations.


Most of the worlds will have avatars laid out in a gallery with labelled access so players can find what they’re looking for. From here the players can browse all of the thumbnails and select the avatars they want to try out. Clicking on the avatar will download it and grant the user permanent access to it along with all of the animations and customisations it has.


One of the massive benefits of using VRChat worlds to get avatars is it avoids the player having to tamper with things in Unity and import your avatar.

How Much Are VRChat Avatars?

How much an avatar costs totally depends on where we get our avatars and the quality of them. There are loads of free options but you won’t always get the same quality and consistency compared to the avatars that you purchase. You will likely have to sift through a lot of bad free avatars before you find a good one, but we’re here to help with that. 


If we’re talking about VRChat avatar worlds then all of the avatars are completely free and instantly usable, which is always great fun to play with! However, downloading avatars from places such as Sketchfab and Unity prices can really vary. Avatars with massive amounts of detail, textures, physics and animations can cost as much as $300. On the flip side, it’s totally possible to pick up a decent avatar for as little as $5 with a little bit of searching.


Avatars purchased from places such as Sketchfab where artists list the work themselves may be subject to higher costs. Ultimately the artist decides what they think their work is worth so just bear this in mind when searching on here. Avatars can go for anything from $5 to $500 in extreme cases.


When it comes to commissioned avatars, there are even more factors to consider. Finding an affordable artist with a good art style, submitting your commission and capturing your vision all without breaking the bank. Luckily with us, you can do this all in one place. Generally paying for a VRChat avatar commission can cost between $200 – $700 depending on the level of detail and animations that you require.

Sketchfab VRChat Avatar Shop Page

Best VRChat Worlds

Before we jump right in it’s important to note that you must progress past visitor rank within the game before you can begin to use a lot of these avatars.

The colour of the player’s nametag will indicate the player’s rank within the game; the lowest being the grey “Visitor” rank. In order to progress beyond this, a player must have at least 12 hours of time within the game so that they are more familiar with how things work. This is obviously also put in place to prevent spam accounts. Once a player has levelled up they are granted the freedom to create worlds, upload avatars to VRChat and plenty of their own content and even access other players’ content.


For those that are looking to get a cool new avatar without spending any money or just want to slip into something different, here are some of the best VRChat worlds for avatars:


1. Mids Ava World

Created by Kyodai this world is stacked with one of the biggest collections of VRChat anime avatars out there. They feature characters from Naruto, Pokemon, Full Metal Alchemist and Sword Art Online for obvious reasons. If anime isn’t your thing they also have a selection of other random cartoon characters that might tickle your fancy such as Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. This world is also home to a giant Megazord from Powerangers which might also be fun to play and definitely a conversation piece. 


2. Pasta Alfredo Avatars

This world, created by PastaSparq specialises in cartoon and meme avatars that can be absolutely hilarious. If you want to run around as The Penguins of Madagascar or former President Barrack Obama then this world can make that a possibility. But the world isn’t just supplying derpy avatars as they have an excellent selection of quality characters from Half-Life, Team Fortress 2 and Avatar: The Last Airbender. 


If you’re a fan of Starwars then it might be a good idea to give this world a try as they have a plethora of Droids and Stormtroopers to choose from.


3. Kami’s Lookout

Created by the author KingTodd, this world is a haven for Dragonball Z fans. Fighting the urge to make an obvious over 9000 joke, the world has over 227 Dragon Ball Z models from all of the series to choose from, as well as 82 different Naruto models. The Dragon Ball Z models are also all quest compatible meaning you can have your favourite characters on Xbox too.


Many notable characters like Gohan, Trunks Freiza, Cell and Goku all come with numerous different forms and transformations so you can have the satisfaction of going Super Saiyan yourself. The world also has different iconic maps that players can access and explore like the World Tournament, Planet Vegeta, Kame House and many more. 


4. Lena Quest Avatar

If you’re looking for some original avatars, not from any TV shows or movies then it might be worth checking our Lena Quest Avatar made by Mini Lena. There are loads of female avatars with various different outfits and cool bone dynamics. All of the avatars have very dark gothic colour schemes some with some quite risque outfits if that’s what you’re after.


They do have male avatars as well and almost all of them have fluffy animal ears or tails so if you’re a furry lover then this is certainly worth checking out.


5. City 17

Looking for a Half-Life avatar? Then you’ve got to visit the avatar world, City 17. This place has avatars for almost every single moving model that exists within the Half-Life universe meaning you can be anything that doesn’t even need to be humanoid. You can roll around as a Roller Mine, a Strider, a Headcrab, you name it! And of course, they have access to all of the human characters such as G-Man, Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance.


These avatars are extremely well made and come with an extensive list of animations and outfit customisations to choose from. If you want to bust out the Club Penguin dance in the middle of a populated world then they’ve got you covered.


6. CRYPT!K’s Avatar World

Brought to you by Cryptic Crush, this world has memes and serious avatars alike. Many of them consist of a derpy face in various different outfits like an astronaut or a french mime which is both funny and endearing in a weird way. They also have a great selection of Characters from Attack On Titan like Levi, Erwin Smith and some of the Titans too. 


Some of the AOT avatars have the ability to undergo a transformation animation that turns them into a drippy version of themselves covering them in Supreme clothing. So if you’re a bit of a Hypebeast or just want to make other players laugh then definitely give this world a go.


7. DBG 2.0

DBG 2.0 is the perfect place to find anime-style avatars. The creator Leg3ndaryxCam focused more on the clothing customisations and animations for these characters, as they allow you to change into outfits inspired by lots of popular TV shows like Bee Movie, Rick and Morty, Naruto and Toy Story.


Some of the avatars have the ability to play music and perform amazing animations like Dragon Ball Z-inspired aura explosions. A good thing about these avatars is there are lots of base characters to choose from with many different customisations, meaning you can create a relatively unique avatar to stand out from the crowd.


8. Jelly’s Random Avatar World 

Last but not least on our list we’ve got Jelly’s Random Avatar world brought to you by Jelly which has some of the most well-detailed and textured avatars out there. Like the name suggests they are a random assortment of specific characters from different TV shows and movies but don’t let this put you off. What the characters lack in originality they make up for in accuracy.


The shading, textures and realism on some of the characters like Kakashi and Spiderman really set these avatars above a lot of the others you’ll find in different worlds. For the Furries out there they also have a bunch of different VRChat furry avatars to choose from so if you need a free alternative instead of getting a furry art commission then this can be a great way to go.


Browsing avatars is a great deal of fun, it’s almost like shopping for a new look. There are plenty of other VRChat avatar worlds to discover but these are some of the best and a great place to start. So what are you waiting for?! Get ranked up and get some avatars!

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